Business Operations Management

Business Operation
5.Followup Checklist
6.Strategy Sheet
7.Policy Documents
9.Tracker Sheet
10.Feedback Forms
Business Planing Documents
1.Financial Projection Template
i.Financial Projection
ii.CAGR- Compound Annual Growth Rate
20% Growth
30% Growth
iii.Budgeting Template
Annual Operating Plan (AOP)
Quarter Operating Plan (QOP)
2.Business Plan Canvas
3.Business Plan Template
4.Executive Summary Template
5.Financial Projection Template
6.Business Incorporation Documents
Marketing Documents
1.Marketing Plan Frameworks
2.Decision making Frameworks
3.Onboard External Marketing Agency Contract
4.Website Design Frameworks
5.Mobile Design Frameworks
6.External Communication Strategy
7.Media Kit Template
8.Marketing Campaign Design Checklist
9.Marketing Plan – P&L
10.Marketing Campaign Evaluation Frameworks
Branding Guidelines Documents
Logo Guideline
1.Colour ?
2.Font ?
3.Design ?
4.Placement ?
HR Documents
1.50 Types of HR Polices Documents
2.Job Description Template
3.KRA & KPI Frameworks
i.KRA- Key result Area
ii.KPI- Key Performance Indicator
Finance & Accounting Documents
1.Financial Statements
2.Invoice Tamplate
3.Letterhead Template
4.Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Template
5.Discount Cash Flow Projection
6.Financial Ratios ?
Legal Agreements Documents
1.Employee Hiring Agreement
2.Vendor Agreement
3.Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
4.Partner Agreement ( Channel Partner)
5.MOU Template ( Memorandum of Understandings)
6.Consulting Hiring Agreement
i.Digital Marketing
ii.HR Consultant
iii.Compliance Consultant
iv.Accounting Consultant
v.Auditing Consulting
7.Franchise Agreements
8.Non-Complete Agreement
9.Copyright, Patent & IP Agreement
10.Shareholder Agreements
Sales Documents
1.Monthly Sales Forecast
2.Daily Sales Tracker
3.Sales Effectiveness Tracker
4.COCA- Calculator
5.Sales Scoreboard Templates
6.Customer Voice Curation Question
7.Product Marketing Effectiveness Frameworks